A beautiful body is what many people in the world are looking for today, since bodybuilding is one of the most suitable ways to build a beautiful body, and its tools are easily available to everyone around the world, making it a popular sport all over the world. Has become .
Definition of bodybuilding
There is a simple definition. Bodybuilding is a type of sport that brings us to the right body by combining proper nutrition.

The role of nutrition in bodybuilding is very important
In fact, nutrition is the raw tools of every person to build a beautiful and well-shaped body, for example, just as a car cannot last long without good fuel, a bodybuilder cannot achieve a beautiful body without proper nutrition and diet.
A person who does bodybuilding exercises is called a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders are ranked based on muscle volume, muscle symmetry, muscle size with showy figures.
Bodybuilding has different categories, each of which follows a different training style, which we will explain below.
1 bodybuilding
Bodybuilding is the main field of bodybuilding, which famous people like Arnold have been known in this field since ancient times.
The bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman is a legend with his incredible volume and deep cuts that attracted the eyes of every viewer. He also worked in this field in bodybuilding. A better display of muscles in this field can lead to better positions, although there are examples of violations.
2 Powerlifting
Powerlifting is a very strong sport, unlike other bodybuilding disciplines, in this field, there is no focus on the volume of muscle building and the focus is on muscle strength, even a professional powerlifting athlete can have fat. A powerlifting athlete focuses on setting a record and the number of sets is not that important.
3 fitness physics
This discipline was introduced in 2012 in the Mr. Olympia competition, its focus is on broad shoulders, narrow waist and big arms.
Physicist bodybuilders wear shorts up to their legs in competitions. It is clear that the leg and hip muscles are not very important in the field of physical fitness, but the leg muscles play a key role in building other muscles of the body (due to the secretion of testosterone hormone in the leg muscles).
4 body classic
This discipline was unveiled in 2016 at the Mr. Olympia competition.
Bodybuilders in this field are looking for a not too big volume and a symmetrical body structure
Tall bodybuilders who are looking for a deep cut on their muscles participate in this field.
Benefits of bodybuilding
1 Increasing the level of strength and safety
In bodybuilding, taking into account that the diet should include fruits, protein and various vitamins, it helps the human body greatly in raising its immunity level.
Also, because all bodybuilding disciplines involve weight training
All bodybuilders have powerful bodies with high energy levels.
2 improving the level of health
Bodybuilding exercises have a great effect on increasing the level of anabolic hormones such as testosterone.
Anabolic hormone increases physical strength and muscle growth, which improves the condition of bones and joints.
People who exercise regularly are less prone to joint pain and back pain
Also, bodybuilding increases self-confidence, motivates and prevents depression.

  1. Increasing life expectancy
    If you don’t use your muscles, you lose them.
    By involving all the muscles of the body, bodybuilding exercises increase the muscle volume or at least maintain the muscles of the body, which makes every person stay young and grow healthy.
    4 Fat burning
    If you are looking for fat burning, bodybuilding is one of the most suitable sports.
    Just take in less calories and burn more calories and you will feel the difference after a while
    Bodybuilding supplements

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the important principle is nutrition, if you do not follow good nutrition, the use of supplements is actually useless.
Whey protein
Whey protein is obtained from whey. It is a very effective supplement for increasing fat burning and increasing muscle mass. This supplement has many health benefits that has a high absorption rate and is usually used immediately after training.
Casein protein
This protein is made from cow’s milk and has a low absorption rate. Usually, two scoops containing sixty grams of protein are used during the day, although your trainer determines how many scoops you should consume.

Creatine supplement
It is the most effective body building supplement that increases muscle mass and strength in bodybuilders
According to the trainer’s opinion, you should consume it, and excessive consumption can damage the liver and kidneys.
bcaa supplement
This supplement contains essential amino acids that are needed by the body during bodybuilding exercises.
Glutamine supplement
This supplement plays an important role in improving recovery, it also helps to increase body immunity and prevent muscle wasting.
False beliefs in bodybuilding
Use of heavy weights
This can be very dangerous and damage the joints.

Instead of using heavy weights, use weights within your power. Persistence in this work causes the growth of muscle and strength.
Incorrect training program
You should ask your coach to write you a new training program every two months
Seeing your weaknesses, the trainer offers a training program suitable for your body, which both shocks your muscles and improves your fat burning and muscle building.
Lack of leg exercises
Leg exercises, especially squat exercises, are basic and very important bodybuilding exercises
Although leg exercises are hard and exhausting for some people, but in fact, good feet make a good body.
So if you want to have a good body
Do not forget the squat

Pull up:

Pull up, like squat, is included in the category of very important bodybuilding movements.
In pull up, the muscles of the fingers, wrist, forearm,
Forearm, abdominal muscles, back muscles and armpits are involved.
With this movement, you can make your body wider.