What are the benefits of hmb supplementation?


This supplement stands for HYDROXYMETHYYLBUTYRATE
HMB supplement is one of the most powerful and effective supplements in improving the performance of bodybuilders, which is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements after creatine.

what is hmp

As we said in the amino acids section, leucine, which is an essential amino acid, must be obtained from the diet.

This supplement has a positive effect on protein synthesis, muscle recovery and blood glucose levels.
The simplest definition of hmb is that this molecule is the result of scientists’ research on the amino acid leucine.
Benefits of hmb supplement in bodybuilding:
1 Speeding up muscle recovery:
In fact, building muscle of a bodybuilder’s body happens outside the gym, i.e. the time of rest and sleep and receiving a meal after training.
It is during this time that the muscle repairs itself and causes muscle building.
This is why nutrition after training is of particular importance.
2 more muscle building:
As stated in different parts of bodybuildinggod.com, muscle is made of protein and in fact protein synthesis or production is one of the main aspects of muscle building.
With hmb supplement, protein synthesis will increase in the athlete’s body, and as a result, the muscles will grow more and more.
Reducing muscle burning:
This supplement has a great effect on maintaining muscle and this effect is so strong that you can train even with an empty stomach and not worry about losing your muscles.
Best time to take hmb supplement:
Usually, this supplement is taken before bodybuilding or after meals.
How much hmb should we take?
Usually between one and three grams should be consumed. If the supplement is in the form of tablets, 4 or 5 tablets are recommended for every bodybuilder daily, which should be consumed with plenty of water.

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