Glutamine supplement is a familiar and popular name among athletes.
This supplement is known for recovery and maintenance of body muscles.

In this article from, we will review this supplement:
What is a glutamine supplement?
As mentioned in the amino acid section, glutamine is one of the most important non-essential amino acids that are made in the human body.
After an intense workout, the body loses its glutamine resources in a large amount and causes the body’s strength and endurance to decrease.
Benefits of taking glutamine supplements:
The most important benefit of glutamine supplementation is to prevent muscle wasting or catabolism.
Taking glutamine will help your body in the following cases:
1 Late healing of wounds
2 improving anxiety
3 improvement of dizziness and nausea
4 strengthening the body’s immune system

  1. Excessive desire to eat sugar and alcohol
    6 improving muscle growth
  2. Improving intestinal and digestive function
  3. Improvement of peace
    It can also be used to treat HIV and cancer to strengthen the body’s immune system, prevent weight loss, and reduce pain and nausea.
    Glutamine supplement in bodybuilding:
    If you are looking for the most important advantage of glutamine supplement in bodybuilding, I must say that the most important one is increasing muscle growth and reducing muscle burning.
    Amount of glutamine consumption:
    The best amount of glutamine consumption is 2 to 5 grams for non-athletes and 10 grams for athletes.
    The combination of vitamin b12 and glutamine will increase absorption and muscle building and is a very good combination.
    Natural sources of glutamine:
    Organic beef
    and nonfat dry milk
    Contraindications to glutamine supplementation:
    1 People with cirrhosis
    2 people with mental disorders
    3 people suffering from seizures and epilepsy
    4 Pregnant or lactating women
    5 people. under 18 years old
    Note: Glutamine consumption often has no side effects and causes fat burning and muscle building and good muscle recovery in bodybuilding.

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